Dr. Freist Automotive GmbH (DFA)

“Whether it is in production, in production planning or in the entire logistics – due to be.as ERP/SCM automotive and SAP Business One, we are able to automate all sustainable core business processes which the automotive supplier can simply use to save time and money, or to secure competitive advantages.”

Pawel Kaczkowski, CIO, Dr. Freist Automotive GmbH (DFA)

Goslar Germany

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Trecolan GmbH, Bremen Germany

“With support of competent IT service providers, we have quickly and easily realized the change towards SAP Business One and be.as ERP SCM Automotive.  We benefit from optimized and integrated business processes.  What has been achieved by us will be gradually continued and driven forward.”

Lars Engert, Manager IT, Trecolan GmbH

Bremen Germany

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Muhr Metalltechnik GmbH & Co. KG

“The presentation of the system and references convinced us.  The easily understandable and modern user interface, the architecture of the database and software as well as the possibility of virtualization were also reasons for our decision.”

Manuel Büdenbender, Manager IT, Muhr Metalltechnik GmbH & Co. KG

Wenden  Germany

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How quickly can your business react to the high demands of the automotive industry?

Being in the automotive supply industry isn’t easy.  We know that and we are here to help.  We understand there are growing issues confronting this market: delivery commitments, quality issues, supply chain visibility, cost containment, risk management, increasing customer demand and globalization.

More than ever, now is the time you need an ERP system that can help you manage your entire business including your supply chain.


Because the trucks are waiting!  Because you can’t afford manual data entry errors!  Because you will be able to control your packaging even at load levels. Because you deserve all the innovation awards! Because now is the time for you to have the competitive advantage by lowering your costs, lowering your late deliveries and lowering your risk!

Our customers tell it best –  From gaining an integrated business system to helping automate all sustainable core business processes – BlueOceanAutomotive helped them reach new heights with software.


Next Steps…

Contact us for a free consultation today! We will show you how your business system will be able to react to the high demands of the automotive supply industry.


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